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Delta Farce
Rating: PG-13
Run Time: 90 min
Genre: Comedy
Language: English
Trailers:Trailer (General)
Three buddies (Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall, DJ Qualls) set out on a relaxing weekend of drinking and target practice, when a sergeant (Keith David) mistakes them for Army Reservists. The three men are deployed to Iraq, but a premature ejection lands them in Mexico. Believing they are in the Middle East, the bogus soldiers save a village and become local heroes, until a karaoke-loving warlord decides to strike back.
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Cast: Larry the Cable Guy, - Bill Engvall, - Keith David, - Larry the Cable Guy, Larry - Bill Engvall, Bill Little - DJ Qualls, Everett Shackleford - Keith David, Sgt. Kilgore - Danny Trejo, Carlos Santana - Christina Moore, Karen - Lisa Lampanelli, Connie - Glenn Morshower, General - Ed O'Ross, Storage Manager - Marisol Nichols, Maria - Ed O'Ross, Victor - Alejandro Patino, Juan - Luis Chavez, Carlos - Nicholas Guilak, Luis - Albert Santos, Flaco - Carlos Moreno Jr., Jaime - Jeff Dunham, Amazing Ken

Production Notes:

- Notes provided by Lionsgate Films. -


"Basically, DELTA FARCE is the Three Stooges meets STRIPES," says Larry the Cable Guy of his new Lionsgate comedy. After single-handedly wreaking havoc in the stuffy world of fine dining, Larry partners up with his two equally clueless buddies (co-stars Bill Engvall and DJ Qualls) -- and a stockpile of arms -- to take on national security in DELTA FARCE.
"DELTA FARCE is about me and my two buddies, Everett and Bill, who get called up to go to Iraq, but we're not even really a fighting unit," says Larry. "We get accidentally dropped in Mexico, but we still think that we're in Iraq. And before we know it, we're trying to save a Mexican town from banditos when we think we're fighting Iraqi insurgents."
"The premise is filled with comic possibilities and it just so happens that the movie contains very funny comic performances by guys who know comedy," says DELTA FARCE producer Alan Blomquist. "And in addition to ninety minutes of laughs, this movie's also got a great heart."
DELTA FARCE is a new chapter in Larry's crazy life, and fans can look forward to the broad gags and self-deprecating humor they've come to expect from Larry. They'll also find some subtle changes in Larry's onscreen character. "When I did HEALTH INSPECTOR, I was really the only one who had the goofy, funny lines," explains Larry. "This movie's a little different. We distributed the laughs a lot more. We're all kind of idiots, but I'm playing more the hero, the straight guy. It was a lot of fun."
"I always tell Larry he has the Burt Reynolds role," adds Blomquist. "He's the squad leader. He gets the girl. He saves the day. He's a knucklehead while he does it, because he's still Larry the Cable Guy. But this movie definitely requires him to stretch as an actor. And Larry loved it."
For Larry, the road to a film career has been a long and varied one. A self-professed "blue collar comedian" from Florida, he spent years amassing a regional following as a radio personality, eventually transitioning fully into a stand-up comedy career with THE BLUE COLLAR COMEDY TOUR, a wildly successful tour with fellow comics Bill Engvall, Jeff Foxworthy and Ron White. THE BLUE COLLAR COMEDY TOUR spawned a popular series of concert films, a TV show, and a Grammy-nominated soundtrack and established Larry as one of today's most successful comics, enabling him to make his first foray into film acting last year with the comedy, LARRY THE CABLE GUY: HEALTH INSPECTOR.
Writing specifically for Larry and Bill Engvall, screenwriting partners Bear Aderhold and Tom Sullivan tailored the roles in DELTA FARCE to match Larry's and Engvall's stand-up personalities, going so far as naming their characters after them. Says Sullivan, "We watched absolutely anything we could get our hands on that Larry and Bill did -- the BLUE COLLAR COMEDY TOUR DVDs, their stand-up -- just to get their voices down and the nuances of how they act. Larry's got such a strong, particular voice that it really made it easy for us to envision all sorts of different, funny scenarios that he would be in."
"We loved the DUMB AND DUMBER aspect of DELTA FARCE," adds Aderhold. "My favorite type of comedy is when a normal guy gets thrown into a ridiculous situation, and that's what this movie is. Larry's a guy who means well, but he's always misunderstanding things and finding himself in ridiculous situations. But in the course of the journey, he finally figures out how to do the right thing, and he follows it through to the very end."
Once the script was completed, producers J.P. Williams and Alan Blomquist turned to director CB Harding to helm the project. Harding had partnered with them on all of the BLUE COLLAR films, and everyone agreed that his familiarity with their work would be a huge asset to the production. When Harding first read the script, he found himself laughing out loud. "That's always a really good sign," says the director. "And not only was the script funny, but it was also smart and all the characters had heart, which I think is one of the most important ingredients in a good comedy."
"CB's a real good friend," says Larry. "He really knows what he's doing. And it's fun to go out there and perform for him."
A stand-up comedian in his own right, Bill Engvall has known Larry for years, having worked with him on THE BLUE COLLAR COMEDY TOUR. As "Bill," the timid, panic-prone member of the hapless trio, Engvall delivers a hilariously dry, beleaguered performance, proving he's equally adept in front of the camera as he is on stage. "Bill's the one that steps back and just kind of says, `This is not good,'" says Engvall. "He's the guy who tends to freak out more."
Adds Blomquist, "Bill is playing this kind of put-upon guy whose wife is very overbearing. It's sort of a part he plays on stage. He's the unwitting guy in the middle who's constantly trying to correct his goofball friends."
For both Engvall and Larry, DELTA FARCE was a welcome opportunity to put their experience working together to creative use. "Bill is a really good friend of mine and it's just so cool being able to do something like this with your buddy next to you," avows Larry. "He's not only a great comedian. He's a really good actor."
"Larry and I already have chemistry," says Engvall. "I've known him for years and he's just inherently funny. He's funny off-camera. He's funny on-camera. He's really good at coming up with stuff. It's just so fun to work opposite somebody like that because they inspire you to do your best."
Known for memorable roles in such films as HUSTLE AND FLOW and ROAD TRIP, actor DJ Qualls rounded out the trio in the role of Everett. Arguably the most idiotic character in the film, Everett is a former policeman and a militant, gun-loving redneck with an incurable vigilante streak. Explains DJ Qualls, "Everett's lifelong ambition is to be in a position of power and to shoot at people, so he's in heaven. At one point he shoots somebody's donkey because he thinks it's an insurgent. That's the kind of guy he is."
"DJ Qualls ended up being the perfect foil for Larry and Bill," says Williams. "We looked at a number of actors, but DJ was the most unique. He looked different and felt different than Larry and Bill. And he was so willing to put it out there and get the laughs."
At the table read of the script before production, DJ Qualls was curious to see how comedians like Larry and Bill Engvall would fare as actors. "You sort of know from a table read, the first time you get together to hear it, how things are going to go," says the actor. "And it was even funnier coming from them than it was on the page. They really surprised me as actors."
The comedians were equally surprised by DJ Qualls' gift for comedy. Says Larry, "DJ Qualls just stands there and you laugh. He steals the movie. Everything that comes out of his mouth is just flat-out hilarious."
Adds Engvall, "DJ's a great actor, and he has such a dry sense of humor. He's just out there, way out there."
Much to Harding's relief, DJ Qualls, Larry and Engvall forged a strong on- and off-screen chemistry. "Everything in the film hinges on chemistry, and DELTA FARCE was a slam-dunk," says the director. "The three of them got along so well it was hard tearing them apart to get one or the other to set. They all brought something different to their roles and made you believe that these three guys have known each other for years. This was one of the most important parts of the film -- that the audience shares their strange friendship through their crazy adventures."
Rounding out the cast in two key supporting roles are film veterans Keith David as the hard-nosed Sergeant Kilgore, and Danny Trejo as bandito leader Carlos Santana. Known primarily for his work in dramatic films, David was excited by the opportunity to play Sergeant Kilgore, the hard-nosed military man who whips Larry and his friends into shape, and later hunts them down in Mexico. "I got to be like Lou Gossett in AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN," David says with a smile. "The role was a great mix -- I got to be the straight man and I also got to be a little funny. And I got to hang around a bunch of great guys and hear jokes all day long."
"Keith was really intimidating," admits Larry. "You do a scene with him and you actually think he's a real drill instructor. You're like, `Wait a second. Am I on film or is this real?'"
Adds Harding, "Keith normally plays serious roles so it was great fun to put him in women's lingerie and make him ride a Vespa. Talent will always get you the good laughs in a film."
Like David, Danny Trejo is another dramatic actor -- widely known for playing Latino bad guys -- who was more than willing to spoof his onscreen persona in DELTA FARCE. Says Harding, "Danny's rough exterior hides one funny actor. He gets comedy. His character has some of the wittiest lines in the movie and all I can say is that his performance is pitch-perfect."
As the sole female lead, Marisol Nichols completed the cast as Maria, the beautiful Mexican woman who falls for Larry. "Marisol is awesome," reports Larry. "She's a great actress and she's gorgeous. She ain't hotter than my wife, though. I gotta say that `cause my wife's in the dressing room."
"I don't know what Marisol's doing with Larry," admits Engvall. "I would think if she had looked at the three of us she would look at me and go, `That one. Him.' But I think Larry paid the writers."
Once production began, the cast and crew settled into a busy work schedule that was also unfailingly fun. "Working on a comedy is always such a great time because of the kind of people that you end up surrounding yourself with," says Blomquist. "We had this amazing camaraderie on the set and a great joy of coming to work every morning, and you see it in the performances."
Due to the wide variety of locations in the script -- Georgia, the desert, a Mexican village -- the production team found that Los Angeles was the most practical place to shoot DELTA FARCE. The production used a closed naval air station in Tustin as the military base and shot in several of the VA facilities in the city. The El Mirage dry lake bed served as the Mexican desert, and a standing Mexican village at Veluzat Ranch provided the perfect stand-in for the village in the script.
The one difficulty, however, was the desert heat, which plagued the production with summertime temperatures regularly passing the hundred degrees mark. "We had to wear the full gear -- the pack and the flak vest and all that -- and it gave me the most undying respect for anybody in the military," reports Engvall.
Adds DJ Qualls, "Those flak jackets were so heavy and so hot, and they weren't even the real thing. I never realized the extent of what our soldiers go through, and we experienced probably only one percent of what they endure in terms of battling the elements."
Because of the film's themes, and the continuing crisis in Iraq, Williams, Blomquist, Harding and the filmmaking team have often been asked whether DELTA FARCE is meant to have a political message. They are quick to diffuse any politicizing: "This movie is in no way intended to make a statement about what's going on overseas. The sole purpose of this movie is to make people laugh and make our troops smile a little bit."
In fact, the military community has long been an avid fan base of Larry and Bill's. The BLUE COLLAR COMEDY TOUR is one of the most requested videos among soldiers in Iraq; and repeated requests for Larry and Bill to perform for soldiers prompted them to visit the Walter Reed Hospital. "I didn't want to do this movie if I thought it was going to be offensive to anybody, especially when we're in a war," says Larry. "I admire the soldiers so much, the fact that they're over there doing what they do. And I just think this is a real cool thing if we can bring a little laughter to them." DELTA FARCE will have its premiere this spring at the Andrews Air Force Base, sponsored by the U.S.O.
"We're not making fun of the guys in the military," says Blomquist. "We're making a movie for the guys in the military. We want them to watch this and laugh at the hijinks of these three nitwits who end up in Mexico thinking they're in Iraq. They're not the brightest guys. They see a mural on the wall of Pancho Villa and they say, `Ah, the butcher of Baghdad.' They're shocked that they serve tacos in Iraq."
Williams asserts that if anyone bears the brunt of a joke in DELTA FARCE, it's Larry himself. "Larry's got an obvious sense of humor and a willingness to make fun of himself. He's very joyful and very open about it, and I think people pick up on that. That's what they like about him."
"I love my fans," says Larry. "They're the ones that make everything possible. Anything with my name on it, I try to make sure there's plenty of laughs in it, because I don't want the fans to be disappointed. The same goes with DELTA FARCE. People are going to expect a Larry the Cable Guy movie, and that means I'm going to make sure they're going to laugh."



With his cry of "Git-R-Done!" and "Lord, I Apologize." Larry the Cable Guy is selling out theatres and arenas across the United States. Larry's new comedy CD is set for release on April 3, 2007. The DVD "Morning Constitutions" is set for release in June of 2007. The special will air on Comedy Central, June 3, 2007. Larry's CD "The Right To Bare Arms" (Jack Records/Warner Bros. Records) debuted at # 1 on the Sounds can Comedy Chart, # 1 on the Country Chart, and # 7 on the Top 200 Chart. This marks the first time in the history of Soundscan that a comedy album has charted at # 1 on the Country Chart. It has been certified gold (500,000 units) by the RIAA. "The Right To Bare Arms" also received a Grammy nomination. Larry won Billboard's 2005 Comedy Artist of the year and Comedy Album of the year. He was named to Forbes Celebrity 100 list (# 83), which lists the hottest and most successful people in the entertainment industry. Most recently Larry received the 2006 Billboard Top Comedy Tour Award. In addition, Larry is a bestselling author. His book "Git-R-Done," was released on October 25, 2005 and debuted at # 26 on the New York Times bestseller list.

Larry's first feature film, "Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector," was released March 24, 2006. The comedy starred Joe Pantoliano, Joanna Cassidy, and Tony Hale. In the movie, Larry played a restaurant health inspector who must get to the bottom of a rash of food poisonings at several upscale restaurants. He runs afoul of the system and goes undercover to see who the real villains are, outing them at a City Wide Chef Challenge. The DVD was released by Paramount Home Video on August 8, 2006 and sold more than 1 million copies in the first week of release.
Larry is the voice of Mater in the feature film "Cars" from Disney/Pixar. The movie also stars the voices of Paul Newman, Owen Wilson and Bonnie Hunt. "Cars" was released on June 9, 2006 and opened at # 1 at the box office, and currently has grossed over 200 million dollars. "Cars" has also won the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature. Larry has also developed an animated half hour pilot for Comedy Central. He created, wrote and will star in the show, which will begin production in 2007.

The highly successful concert "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" grossed more than 15 million dollars, which along with Larry, included the ensemble cast of Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall. The tour's success led to "Blue Collar Comedy Tour, The Movie", premiered on Comedy Central in November of 2003 and at the time was the highest rated movie in the channel's history. The DVD has sold more than 4 million units. The sequel "Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again," has sold more than 3 million units and is the 3rd most watched telecast in Comedy Central's history. The soundtrack was released on November 23, 2004 and debuted at # 1 on the Billboard Comedy Charts. In March of 2006, the Blue Collar boys reunited to shoot "Blue Collar Comedy Tour, One For The Road" in Washington, DC at the Warner Theater. The movie had its world premiere on Comedy Central June 4, 2006, again receiving some of the highest ratings. The soundtrack was nominated for a Grammy award.

Larry also starred in "Blue Collar TV" a sketch comedy series for The WB network which premiered on July 29, 2004. 5.4 million people watched the show and it was the second most watched show on television in that time period.

His first comedy album release "Lord, I Apologize" reached gold status, selling more than 500,000 copies. The CD was # 1 on the Billboard Comedy Charts for fifteen weeks in a row. Larry`s DVD special "Git-R-Done," has sold more than 1 million copies and has been certified platinum. The special aired on Comedy Central and gave the network their second biggest Sunday night ratings in the channel's history.

Although there's no question that Larry is opinionated, he is very likable and has repeatedly demonstrated that he has very wide appeal.

BILL ENGVALL (Bill Little)

The thing that makes any entertainer successful is the ability to connect with an audience. It's the quality of sharing the humor in everyday situations that has made Bill Engvall one of the top comedians today and among the busiest.

Bill will be starring in the new half hour sitcom for TBS entitled "The Bill Engvall Show" which centers around Bill as the father at the core of a family comedy. He will also serve as an executive producer. Bill is currently the host of the CMT show Country Fried Home Videos. The show finds real videos from real people showing what real Americans do bringing the wit and wisdom to television that only the heartland can offer.

Bill was one of the stars of the sketch comedy show, "Blue Collar TV," on the WB network. The ensemble cast included Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy. Blue Collar TV premiered on July 29, 2004 at 8:00 pm. 5.4 million people tuned in to see "Blue Collar TV," making it the second-most watched show in the time period. He also shot a special for the WB network called "Mobile Home Disasters," which helped propel the network to one of its best Thursday nights of the season. The show was a blue collar version of "Extreme Home Makeover" and the episode took a deserving family and completely transformed their mobile home.

Bill starred in "Blue Collar Comedy Tour, The Movie," which premiered on Comedy Central and at that time was the most watched movie in the channel's history. It has sold more than 4 million DVD/VHS units. The sequel "Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again" also premiered on Comedy Central February 13, 2005 and was the 3rd most watched telecast ever for the network. The sequel was released on DVD December 7, 2004 and has sold more than 3 million units. In March of 2006, the Blue Collar boys reunited to shoot Blue Collar Comedy Tour- One For The Road in Washington, DC at the Warner Theater. The movie premiered on Comedy Central June 4, 2006 and was one of the highest rated shows of the year. The soundtrack was released on June 6, 2006 (Warner BrosJack Records) and has been nominated for a Grammy Award.

On October 4, 2005, Bill released his book "Here's Your Sign," through Rutledge Hill Press. It includes more than 200 classic "Here's Your Sign" jokes as well as silly product labels and some of Bill's favorite family stories. He will also be releasing his autobiography "Bill Engvall --Just A Guy" from St. Martin's Press on May 15, 2007.

Bill will be shooting his final DVD special and comedy album titled "15 off Cool" this fall. The special will air on Comedy Central March 25, 2007 and the DVD will be release on March 27, 2007. The comedy album of the same name will be released on February 27, 2007. His first DVD special "Here's Your Sign, Live," was filmed at the Grove in Anaheim. It aired on Comedy Central on August 1, 2004 and premiered to 3.6 million total viewers. The DVD of that special has been certified multi-platinum.

His first album, "HERE'S YOUR SIGN" (Warner Bros. May `96), has been certified Platinum, selling more than one million copies and held the #1 position on the Billboard Comedy Chart for 15 straight weeks. It went on to peak at #5 on Billboard's Current Country Album Chart and reached the Top 50 on Billboard's Top 200 Album Chart.

Collaborating with musician Travis Tritt on a video also entitled, "HERE'S YOUR SIGN," Bill became a fixture on the play lists of CMT and TNN. The single of the same name became the most requested single on country radio. It was ranked #1 on Billboard's Country Singles Sales Chart for ten weeks and reached the Top 30 on the Billboard's Singles Sales Chart, which covers all genres of music. The "HERE'S YOUR SIGN" single also achieved Gold status, not a common occurrence in the comedy market. In 1997, Engvall won the "Best Selling Comedy album" award at the annual NARM convention, outselling albums by Chris Rock and Adam Sandler.

Bill's second CD, "DORKFISH" (Warner Bros., October '98), which has been certified Gold, has sold more than 500,000 copies and had the honor of being ranked #1 on Billboard's Comedy Chart, surpassing Jerry Seinfeld's album. In December of 1999, Warner Bros. released

"HERE'S YOUR CHRISTMAS ALBUM," Bill's third album which was filled with songs destined to become Christmas classics: "Rudolph Got A DUI," "I Am Being Sued By Santa Claus," and Bill's all time favorite, "Fruitcake Makes Me Puke."

His fourth comedy album entitled "NOW THAT'S AWESOME!" (BNA Records/Nashville) topped Billboard's Comedy Charts at # 1and was highlighted in "USA TODAY." No matter how many records he sells Bill says he would never give up performing live, "When you're doing stand-up, you achieve an intimacy with the audience you can't get on TV. There's not a better feeling in the entire world then when you look out and see the audience is identifying with you."

A native of Galveston, Texas, Bill moved to Dallas and was working as a disc jockey with plans of becoming of a teacher. While in a nightclub one evening, Bill decided to try his hand at stand-up comedy and quickly found that making people laugh was truly his forte. Soon after, he decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue television opportunities.

First there was a Showtime special, "A Pair of Joker's" with Rosie O'Donnell, followed by Bill hosting A&E's "Evening at the Improv" and several appearances on both "The Tonight Show" and the "Late Show with David Letterman." In 1992, Bill won the American Comedy Award for "Best Male Stand-up Comedian." After appearing in episodes of "Designing Women," Bill went on to portray Buck Overton on the ABC sitcom, "Delta", starring Delta Burke, thus solidifying his status as a sought-after comic. Bill also starred in the NBC series, "The Jeff Foxworthy Show", where he played Jeff's best friend.

Bill resides in Southern California with his wife and two children.

DJ QUALLS (Everett Shackleford)

A hip and hot rising star, DJ QUALLS continues to shine in a myriad of film roles.

Qualls was last seen opposite Terrence Howard in the critically-acclaimed Hustle and Flow. Qualls plays Shelby, the young white guy with serious musical talent who helps in creating Djay's (Howard) new music career. He was also recently seen playing the role of Corey in the independent film Little Athens, a drama about the unfortunate lives of several small town youth. Scheduled to be released this year is his starring role in I'm Reed Fish. This drama, which also stars Alexis Bledel and Jay Baruchel focuses on the lives of three residents of the same town. As one of the three residents, DJ plays a convenience store owner in love with the town's beauty (Bledel).

In 2003, DJ joined Hilary Swank and Aaron Eckhardt in The Core for Paramount Pictures. This Action-Adventure/ Sci -Fi film had DJ playing "Rat," a computer hacker who helps save the world. Prior to The Core, Qualls starred in Revolution Studio's The New Guy, a script written specifically with him in mind. Directed by There's Something About Mary co-writer Ed Decter, the story centers around a nerdy high school senior (Qualls) who gets himself expelled so that he can attend the town's rival high school and reinvent himself as "cool."

Also in the can for DJ is Sony Screen Gems' Lone Star State of Mind, opposite Joshua Jackson and Jaime King. Set in Texas, this comedy is about a young couple fighting to get out of the state. Along the way things go awry when Qualls who plays Junior, robs a pizza delivery boy who just happens to be a mobster. In addition, Qualls co-produced and starred in the Lions Gate film Comic Book Villains, a dark comedy about the comic book industry and rival comic book stores. He stars opposite Donal Logue, Michael Rapaport, Danny Masterson and Cary Elwes. DJ can also be seen in the Lions Gate film Chasing Holden. Qualls plays Neil, a student who is assigned to answer the question, "What happens to Holden Caulfield?" While searching for answers about this main character in "Catcher in the Rye," he discovers unanswered questions about his own life.

Qualls is perhaps best known for his role as the geeky Kyle in Dreamworks' smash hit, Road Trip. DJ received much praise for his portrayal as the studious member of the road trip gang. He has since added a great list of credits to his name.

Other film credits include Big Trouble, Cherry Falls and Mama's Flora's Family. His television credits include: "Criminal Minds", "Lost", "Monk", Law & Order: Criminal Intent" and "Scrubs."

DJ grew up in a small town in middle Tennessee and is one of five children. After studying at the University of London, he returned to Tennessee and began a series of odd jobs before performing in local theatre and later being discovered by photographers David Chappelle and Steven Kline. This led to a lucrative career modeling for Prada, as well as many other advertising/editorial campaigns.

He splits his time between Los Angeles and Tennessee. He is proud to be a cancer survivor and an advocate for cancer awareness and research.


C.B. HARDING (Director)

C.B. Harding began his career in 1971 as a fine arts photographer. He soon attracted the attention of the advertising world, and in 1975 began a groundbreaking turn as one of the top experimental and conceptual photographers in the country. Internationally recognized, he has won numerous awards in Graphis International, London's Designers and Art Directors Club, the D&AD awards and for several years running the New York Art Directors Club Show, The One Show, Creativity Magazine, and the internationally respected Communication Arts Magazine. In 1988, Harding was further singled out as one of the most influential photographers by The American Photographer.

In 1989, Harding began his transition to film as a Commercial Director/Cameraman, and was recognized with the highest honor in the advertising world: The International Gold Lion Award, at the Cannes International Advertising Festival. For the next ten years, Harding created a reputation for innovative and exciting direction for his clients all over the world.

Harding relocated to Los Angeles in 1998 to start the next phase of his career directing film and television. Harding partnered with Bunim/Murray Productions to direct the first ever reality series on network television: the groundbreaking, Making The Band for ABC. Twenty-two episodes later history was made and a new era in network television had arrived. Over the next four years, Harding directed some of the most successful reality shows on television, including: Road Rules and Real World for MTV and Meet My Folks for NBC.

In 2001, Miramax films invited Harding to direct the standup comedy film, The Three Amigos, starring popular Mexican comics Carlos Mancia, Freddie Soto and Pablo Francesco. On this project, Harding became one of the first directors in the country to shoot with the new High Definition 24P Digital Video.

Upon completion of this film, Harding directed the first season of the now world famous reality show, the Emmy award winning, "The Osbournes". After completing the season, he wasted no time directing pilots for NBC, a concert film for Alanis Morissette, and returned to the feature world with the Warner Bros. release: Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie starring Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White and Larry The Cable Guy.

In 2004, Harding returned to direct the second and final third seasons of The Osbournes for MTV. Later that year he continued on to direct the sequel to the very successful "Blue Collar" movie, Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again. The next two years saw Harding Executive Producing and Directing pilots for MTV and VH1. In 2005 he Co-Executive Produced and directed pilots for TBS and WB staring Tom Arnold and Ron White respectively.

2006 opened with Lionsgate and Parallel Entertainment release of Harding's successful third installment of the popular Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One For The Road.


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